One of the three major Taoist martial arts systems, including the form of boxing, mind boxing, ten shape, Jinjiagong boxing system, including guns, swords, knives and nine-section whip and other types of equipment. 

Another form of Italian boxing, mind boxing and so on have branches widely spread. 

Xingyi Boxing, also known as Xingyi Boxing, Xinliuhe Boxing, the traditional Chinese martial arts, and Taijiquan, Bagua palm, belong to the same family boxing. 

More straight into the fight, and the eight diagrams of the cross-walk, Tai Chi, there must be a significant difference. Shorty punches straight into the battle for the most suitable, flawless moves, long strength is also the fastest. The two armies were at war, in the midst of a thousand armies and horses, 

To have a twinkling to move the land is not easy, only straight into, go and fight, hit and go. Such as the breakwater of the Yellow River

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