Three Core Advantages

Great Promotion and Exposure

Qzone will provide a display platform for artists' works, which will be promoted to millions of users.

  • Qzone Mall

    Qzone opened up an “Origin Zone” in the App’s homepage to collect global excellent works, and set up a collection of brand stories to publicize and promote the works.

  • Artist Homepage

    The “Artist Homepage” is provided in the mall decoration of Qzone and the users can see the artists’ information and other works here.

Qzone Mall


Various Application Scenarios

You can create and upload original works for all decorations of Qzone.

  • Background Decorations

    Profile Cover

  • Floating Materials

    Floating Decoration

  • Visitor Decorations

    Omament for User as Visitor

  • Notification Bubbles

    Notification Bubble

  • Album Skin

    Album Theme

  • Qzone Themes

    Q-zone Theme

  • Card Decorations

    Omament for Feed

  • Players

    Music Player

  • Colourful Fonts

    Personalized Font

  • Head Portrait Decorations

    Static Omament for Profile

  • Skin of Album List

    Album List Theme

  • Personal Fonts

    Personalized Font

  • Comment Bubbles

    Message Bubble

  • Personal Diamonds

    Personalized Diamond

  • Personal Likes

    Personalized Like


Easy to Make Earnings from Works

With the uploaded works, the total sales can be accumulated through every purchase, and you can get the corresponding revenue on the personal webpage of the platform.


High Proportion of income

Net Sales Revenue = Total Sales Revenue - Channel Service Fee

Super Wide User Coverage

Seen by Qzone’s 600 Million Active Users

On Shelf Procedure
  • Information Review

    The users shall agree with all terms and conditions and provide the personal identifications as follows before uploading the works, including name, ID number, ID photo and phone number.

  • Works Design

    Please open the Specification & Editing Tools, and create works based on the design specifications of Qzone decoration. When your design is done, please use the editing tools to preview the effect and wrap up the works as a material package.

  • Works Submission

    Please upload the work material package and design source files in the YCG upload page, and then edit the cover. After prizing your works, please submit the application for being on shelf.

  • Official Review

    Within 3 to 5 working days from submitting the application, we will officially review the work content and the results can be checked in the “Personal Webpage - My Works”. The designer or team SHALL strictly obey the platform cooperation agreement. Anyone’s violation of the agreement may lead to the cancellation of his qualification for uploading works, and the legal responsibility for infringement of copyright SHALL be borne by the designer himself.

  • Works on Shelf

    The works officially reviewed will be put on shelf in Qzone Mall within 1 to 3 working days and can be managed in “My Works”.